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Handcrafted Leather’s goal is to put custom leather goods into the hands of as many people as possible and to make it so good, so treasured, that you’ll want to show everyone and anyone.

rose and belt set

Handcrafted Leather uses the highest quality materials sourced from a UK supplier, Abbey England, who have a stock of the best tooling leather I have used to date.

Hermann Oak Leather Has a reputation for being the finest of leathers for making saddles for hardworking ranch and arena show saddles, so you know your custom goods from Handcrafted Leather are built to last.

Carving and tooling leather has become a passion I didn’t expect to encounter. With a few stamping tools and some old Al Stohlman books, I was able to learn this side of leather craft the slow, hard way.

I am now offering one to one classes in my leather workshop, so you don’t have to struggle with the many intricacies that can be so intimidating at the very beginning.

Teaching the basic principles of how to design, choose the right piece of tooling leather, the use of the swivel knife to carve and how to tool a piece of russet leather, transforming it into a unique, functioning work of art.

Every time I sit at my workbench, my stamp tool roll laid out, cased leather ready to cut with the swivel knife, I feel electric. I want to pass my enthusiasm to others, to share the knowledge I have found, interpreted and practiced, over a 1000 hours sat at the marble rock, cutting, shaping and stamping with my maul.


Day Sessions

If you want to learn more and to book a full day session, contact Mike at Handcrafted Leather.

From an intimate workshop in Ruthin, North Wales, your bespoke leather item will be designed and created to have a leading role in your life.

You may wear it all day everyday, or carry it in your pocket. It may be the bag or clutch wallet you proudly present on a table when meeting clients or friends.

It will be the announcement that you have arrived. An instant indicator to all that see it that you care about quality, attention to detail and possess the confidence to be independent. To stand from the crowd of consumerism with a unique, heirloom quality personal item.

wildrose belt

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