About Us

Based in North Wales, in a workshop built from repurposed and recycled timber, tin and windows, there’s me. Powered by caffeine, a wide and questionable taste in music and a passion for handcrafting, Handcrafted Leather was created.

Hi, I am MIke. I’ve been learning the traditional craft of leatherworking for around 5 years, in sporadic patches on and off, but 2018 was the year I dedicated time almost everyday, to learning the intricacies and techniques of the saddlers and leathersmiths past and present. Books, videos and tutorials, hours of practice and thousands of stitches later and i feel proud enough to create and share my work.

With a love of the outdoors, being brought up on John Wayne and spaghetti westerns, seeing those gun rigs or axe and knife sheaths, some with detailed carving and embossing, have always inspired me and called to my sense of creativity. I just couldn’t justify spending so much on it!! So I started dabbling with making my own bits here and there, then I would be asked to make something for someone, to repair something, then maybe another and it’s kinda peaked and troughed on and off for a few years.

Last year my family and I attended a festival, which I hope to attend to both exhibit and party at this year too, and loved it. Meeting craftsmen and women from all over the UK, I was drawn by their courage and passion to share their work and their knowledge, always very modestly and humbly. They inspired me to devote more time to something I truly enjoy and love, the thing that’s been missing, but without knowing what it was.

I went home after that weekend in Hawarden, buzzing with ideas.  When I grow up, I’m in my thirties by the way, I want to be a leather craftsman.

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